Terms & Technologies

Smart Entry (Select Vehicles)

What’s the Benefit?

The available Smart Entry system makes it extremely easy and convenient to unlock, drive and relock the vehicle.

The Feature:

The Smart Entry system with push button start:

  • Allows the driver to walk up to the vehicle, touch the door handle and open the door, start the engine and shut it off at the end of the trip, and then get out and touch the LOCK button on the door handle to secure the vehicle—all without ever touching a key.
  • Only requires that the driver have possession of the Smart Entry key.
  • Is programmable and allows for locking or unlocking the doors and trunk/tailgate from up to 50 feet away with the push of a button.
  • Comes with a “panic” button that sounds the horn when pressed.
  • Provides, on select vehicles, a button to remotely operate the power tailgate.