Terms & Technologies

One-Pedal Driving (Prologue)

What’s the Benefit?

This feature allows drivers to accelerate, cruise and bring the vehicle to a stop with just the accelerator pedal for great convenience.

The Feature:

Drivers of all Prologue trims can enjoy one-pedal driving.

  • When enabled, the system allows the driver to simply release the accelerator pedal to brake the vehicle to a stop.
  • Two levels of braking force can be selected.
  • One-pedal driving is enabled and configured using the color touch-screen:
    • From the home screen, touch Controls, then Drive & Park and One-Pedal Driving.
    • Touch On to enable the system with a moderate level of braking.
    • Touch High to enable the system with a strong level of braking.
    • Touch Off to disable the system.
  • When enabled, one-pedal driving will remain active until it’s disabled via the color touch-screen.