Terms & Technologies

Google Built-In (Select Vehicles)

What’s the Benefit?

Google built-in74 provides access to a variety of conveniences and services with unprecedented ease.

The Feature:

Google built-in incorporates the features and benefits of the Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play—and can be linked to your Google account for exceptional personalization.

  • Google built-in is engaged through the 12.3-inch color touch-screen or by voice.
  • Voice control can be initiated by pressing the talk button on the steering wheel, touching the Google Assistant icon on the color touch-screen or simply saying, “Hey Google.”
  • The Google Assistant lets you make phone calls or control vehicle systems such as audio, climate control, and even the available seat heaters and ventilation by voice.
  • Google Maps can provide a comprehensive navigation function to desired destinations as well as a “find nearest” function when on the road.
  • Google Play enables users to download a number of third-party apps to play over the audio system including audiobooks, iHeartRadio54, Spotify and NPR One.