Terms & Technologies

Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® (All)

What’s the Benefit?

On the road, this feature lets drivers stay connected to their world while minimizing the possibility of driver distraction.

The Feature:

Drivers can make and receive calls while keeping their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road, using the vehicle’s audio system and the driver’s mobile phone.

  • Using Bluetooth®1 wireless technology, HandsFreeLink® lets the driver use a mobile phone without handling it, as long as the phone is somewhere inside the vehicle.
  • Drivers can use their choice of compatible phones; a list can be found at handsfreelink.com/honda.
  • The system can be paired with up to six different phones; however, only one phone can be used at a time.
  • Once paired, the system is easy to operate using voice commands.
  • The HandsFreeLink internal phone book can store up to 20 “speed dial” numbers that can be dialed using voice recognition.
  • Drivers with compatible phones can import their entire phone book into the system database.