Terms & Technologies

Auto-Door Locking and Unlocking (All)

What’s the Benefit?

This system enhances both convenience and confidence for drivers and passengers.

The Feature:

The auto-door locking/unlocking feature is preprogrammed to automatically lock all the doors when the vehicle reaches 9 mph, and unlock the driver’s door when the vehicle is shifted back into Park.

  • The system is customizable to accommodate a variety of personal preferences, or can be deactivated if so desired.
  • The auto-door locking feature has three possible settings:
    • The doors lock when the vehicle speed reaches 9 mph (15 km/h).
    • The auto-door locking is deactivated all the time.
    • The doors lock whenever you move the shift lever out of Park.
  • The auto-door unlocking feature has up to six possible settings, depending upon the model:
    • The driver’s door unlocks when you move the shift lever to Park.
    • The driver’s door unlocks whenever you turn the ignition switch to the Accessory position.
    • All doors unlock when the driver’s door opens.
    • All doors unlock when you move the shift lever to Park.
    • All doors unlock whenever you turn the ignition switch off.
    • Auto-door unlocking is turned off all the time.