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Remote Engine Start (Select Vehicles)

What’s the Benefit?

Imagine being able to start your vehicle before you get in, so it’ll already be cooled off inside on a hot day—or warmed up and defrosted on a cold one. That’s the idea behind the standard remote engine start on select trims.

The Feature:

The remote engine start is easy to use and enjoy.

  • First, make sure the vehicle is outside in a well-ventilated area.
  • The feature works when you’re within about 40 yards of the vehicle.
  • Just push the LOCK button on the remote and then push and hold the ENGINE START button for at least a second—the starter will fire up the engine, and the automatic climate control system will begin conditioning the interior to a temperature of 72º F.
  • When you reach the vehicle with the remote in your possession, you can enter the vehicle as normal—the engine will keep running.
  • To drive, step on the brake pedal and push the ENGINE START button once; the instruments will illuminate and you’ll be ready to go.