Terms & Technologies

4-Mode Drive System (Select Vehicles)

What’s the Benefit?

This system gives drivers a Normal mode for relaxed street driving, a Sport mode for indulging the desire for driving fun, an ECON mode to optimize their fuel efficiency, and an Individual mode to tailor the on-road experience to the driver’s desires.

The Feature:

Normal mode is the default setting, and drivers can use a toggle switch to engage Sport, ECON or Individual mode, depending upon the situation at hand; a display in the instrument panel indicates the mode engaged.

  • The 4-mode drive system has an effect on several functions:
    • In Normal mode, the powertrain, steering, instrument panel and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) are calibrated to provide a pleasing balance of comfort, performance and efficiency.
    • Sport mode makes for more immediate responsiveness to the accelerator, firms up the steering and engages the sport-oriented instrument panel.
    • When ECON mode is engaged, both the drive-by-wire throttle system and ACC take a more relaxed route to enhance fuel efficiency.
    • In Individual mode, the driver-selected combination of selections from the above are implemented.