Terms & Technologies

Airbags (All)

What’s the Benefit?

Airbags are designed to enhance occupant protection.

The Feature:

All Honda vehicles are equipped with a variety of airbags to help protect vehicle occupants.

  • Front airbags are designed to supplement the seat belts in a moderate-to-severe frontal collision.
  • Front side airbags are designed to inflate to help protect the driver and front passenger in the event of a moderate-to-severe side impact.
  • Side curtain airbags are designed to enhance outboard-occupant protection in side-impact collisions and rollover events.
  • Select vehicles feature driver’s and front passenger’s knee airbags designed to help properly position the driver and front passenger to take advantage of other vehicle safety features during a collision sufficient to deploy the front airbags.
  • Select vehicles are equipped with outboard rear side airbags to help enhance second-row protection in a side impact.