Terms & Technologies

Intelligent Traction Management (Select Vehicles)

What’s the Benefit?

Intelligent Traction Management66 helps enable drivers to maintain traction, stability and driving confidence in a wide variety of conditions—with the ease of just pushing a button.

The Feature:

Select vehicles offer this highly advanced technology.

  • The system was engineered at the Honda R&D facility in Ohio and tested worldwide—from the sands of Dubai and Moscow mud to the snows of Minnesota.
  • It works with the Drive-by-Wire throttle, the VSA® system, the transmission shift map and—on i-VTM4 models—the all-wheel-drive system to provide the optimum power for the surface friction available.
  • Drivers of select 2-wheel-drive vehicles can select between Normal and Snow modes; AWD vehicles add Mud and Sand modes as well.
  • Drivers press the Intelligent Traction Management button behind the shifter to cycle through and select the desired mode displayed in the Driver Information Interface (DII).