Terms & Technologies

Multi-View Camera System (MVCS) (Select Vehicles)

What’s the Benefit?

The Multi-View Camera System (MVCS) helps expand the driver’s awareness of what’s in front of, alongside and behind the vehicle under various conditions.

The Feature:

The MVCS uses cameras located in the grille, on the bottom of each side mirror and in the tailgate to convey images of the surrounding area to the driver via the 9” color touch-screen.

  • The front and side-view cameras can be activated when the vehicle is moving forward at or below 12 mph by pressing a button on the end of the windshield-wiper stalk or by engaging Trail Mode; icons on the touch-screen enable the driver to choose the desired view, and the cameras will deactivate if the vehicle speed exceeds 16 mph.
  • The rearview camera activates when the transmission is shifted into reverse, and touch-screen icons allow the driver to choose the view.
  • When the front view is on the display, the driver can select between two modes:
    • Front wide view can be useful when checking for vehicles crossing from either direction at an intersection with poor visibility.
    • Front view + ground view can help provide a look at what’s ahead when the vehicle is approaching a sharp crest on a hill; this TrailWatch™ view is automatically activated when Trail mode is selected.
  • With the side view engaged, the driver can choose side view only on the display or add ground view as well.
  • When in reverse, there’s a choice of rear view or rear wide view—and the ground view can be added in either case.
  • When ground view is on, all four cameras are active to provide an overhead look around the vehicle.