Safety Features

Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™) (Honda Sensing® feature)

What’s the Benefit?
CMBS™ is designed to assist drivers in avoiding a frontal collision—or reducing its effects if unavoidable.

The Feature:
The Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS)8 is a sophisticated safety system that alerts a driver of a potential collision and assists in braking effort. Incorporating the features of the Forward Collision Warning (FCW)9 system, it is designed to perform in three stages:

  • STAGE ONE: If the system determines there is a risk of collision with a vehicle or pedestrian detected ahead, it will issue visual and audible alerts to the driver.
  • STAGE TWO: If the risk of a collision increases and the driver takes no action, the system will continue the visual and audible alerts, and begin to apply light braking.
  • STAGE THREE: If the system determines that a collision is unavoidable, it will continue the visual and audible alerts, and apply strong braking to help mitigate the forces of the collision.

Important Note: CMBS on the Pilot will not be able to apply enough braking force to prevent all collisions. CMBS also cannot detect all objects ahead; the driver must intervene in certain situations, and must always be attentive when using the system. Also, CMBS may not go through all three stages, and may automatically engage the final stage if the system deems it necessary.

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