Exterior Features

Sliding Doors

What’s the Benefit?

In addition to the ease of opening the sliding doors with the push of a button (EX and above)—even in tight parking spaces—the doors can be opened without shifting into Park, to accommodate impatient young passengers eager to exit the Odyssey and get on with their day.

The Feature:

The Odyssey LX has manual sliding rear doors, while EX and above models come standard with power sliding doors.

  • The power sliding doors can be opened and closed with a switch on the instrument panel, with the remote-entry system (from up to 50 feet away), with the interior B-pillar switch or with the door handles on the interior and exterior.
  • To help facilitate quick drop-offs and pickups, the power sliding doors may be operated when the vehicle is in gear and going less than 1.2 mph, if the driver’s foot is on the brake or the parking brake is engaged.
  • Of course, the doors will also operate if the vehicle is in Park.