Exterior Features

Power Tailgate (EX-L and above)

What’s the Benefit?

It’s a great convenience for owners with an armload of packages to push the remote button and have the tailgate already open when they reach the Odyssey. And the driver also has the option of opening or closing the tailgate without leaving the driver’s seat.

The Feature:

Select Odyssey trims come with a remote-operated power tailgate.

  • It can be operated remotely with the key fob from up to 50 feet away, or by pushing a button from the driver’s seat.
  • An electric motor will raise and lower the tailgate.
  • This feature is especially convenient when the driver is carrying items back to the vehicle and may not have a hand free to open the tailgate, and would prefer not to place items on the pavement.
  • When closing the tailgate, small-statured users will not have to worry about reaching for the handle, and older users need not worry about flexibility or strength.
  • The driver can also close the tailgate using the button to the left of the steering column or a button on the tailgate itself.
  • The stop-and-hold function allows you to push the tailgate switch while it’s opening so the tailgate will stop immediately—such as to avoid hitting a wall behind the vehicle.
  • The programmable-height function is designed to limit how high the tailgate opens with every use; here’s how it works:
    • While the tailgate is powering open, press the tailgate button on the remote fob or the button on the bottom of the tailgate when it’s at the desired height; it will hold its position.
    • Then push and hold the switch on the bottom of the tailgate until you hear a double-beep; now the new opening height has been programmed.

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