Exterior Features

Rigid Body Construction

What’s the Benefit?

Thanks to its unique construction, the Ridgeline provides greater ride comfort with less noise—plus it handles more precisely, for improved driving enjoyment.

The Feature:

The Honda Ridgeline looks different from every other truck on the road because it is different.

  • Other trucks have a separate cab and bed set on a flexible ladder-type frame; the Ridgeline instead uses an advanced one-piece unit-body cab and bed, with an integrated frame.
  • Approximately 45% of the body and frame uses special high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel that adds rigidity without undue weight.
  • The Ridgeline’s rigid 3-bone platform helps give it the strength to haul up to 1,588 pounds of total payload, or tow up to 5,000 pounds (AWD models).37
  • Ridgeline’s unit-body construction makes it stronger and more rigid than conventional body-on-frame designs.