Exterior Features

Dual-Action Tailgate

What’s the Benefit?

This ingenious tailgate design makes for great convenience and functionality for owners.

The Feature:

The Honda Ridgeline’s dual-action tailgate can either be lowered, like a conventional tailgate, or it can be swung open like a door, allowing easy access to the bed contents or the In-Bed Trunk®.

  • A stop at the 30-degree-open position allows bed access in tight spaces, for example, when parallel-parked.
  • The dual-action tailgate’s 300-pound dynamic-load capacity means that it can safely support the weight of large loads, such as a motorcycle or ATV.38
  • A special gutter under the tailgate prevents bulk items such as sand or gravel from jamming the mechanism and preventing the tailgate from closing.
  • Starting with the 2020 model year, Ridgeline's tailgate power-locks and -unlocks with the doors.

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