Exterior Features

Pickup Bed

What’s the Benefit?

People are attracted to pickup trucks over SUVs because they have an open bed that gives them the ability to haul “dirty” loads, such as mulch, building and landscaping materials—and bulky things like motorcycles or ATVs.

The Feature:

Ridgeline’s bed provides unmatched flexibility, capability and durability.

  • Its 64-inch length is among the best of crew-cab trucks, while its 50-inch width between the minimal wheel arches allows 4-foot-wide sheets of building material to be laid flat.
  • Fully boxed ultra-high-strength steel crossmembers under the bed allow it to have an ample load capability.
  • The Ridgeline bed features the kind of versatility owners have come to expect from Honda.
  • Eight tie-down cleats have a 350-pound load capacity each and are located throughout the bed.
  • Every trim features cargo-bed lights—with LED illumination on the RTL-E and Black Edition.
  • A covered pocket in the side lining of the bed provides small-item storage—and houses the truck-bed power outlet on RTL-E and Black Edition trims; this innovative feature provides 150 watts for exceptional tailgating versatility, and with the engine running, output can increase to 400 watts for high-energy functionality.
  • The rugged composite material that forms the bed floor is UV-stable to resist fading and is less likely to show scratches, as the color runs throughout the material.