Interior Features

Magic Slide 2nd-Row Seats™ (EX and above)

What’s the Benefit?

Versatility gets a big boost in the Odyssey, thanks to this feature. It enhances ingress and egress, as well as access by front-seat occupants to little ones in 2nd-row-mounted child seats.

The Feature:

With the center seat removed from the 2nd row, the two outboard seats can be repositioned laterally.

  • The handle and release for moving each seat sideways is conveniently positioned on the outboard side.
  • There are five stops for each seat and 12.9 inches (328mm) of range.
  • Both Magic Slide 2nd-row seats™ have fold-down armrests on each side.
  • The seat belts are fully integrated into the seat.
  • The outboard-seat position can be adjusted fore and aft, as can the seatback recline angle.
  • All 2nd-row seats can be removed for maximum cargo-hauling capacity.26
  • EX and above trims feature built-in side-window sunshades to make for great passenger comfort