Interior Features

HondaVAC® (Touring and Elite)

What’s the Benefit?

No more lugging a heavy vacuum around or going to a gas station or car wash to clean the vehicle. With HondaVAC®, you can clean the interior any time or any place.

The Feature:

Honda has outfitted the Odyssey Touring and Elite trims with the ultimate in utilitarian convenience by equipping them with the HondaVAC®.

  • The high-powered HondaVAC’s hose and attachments (a gulper and crevice tool) stow away perfectly in the cargo area side panel.
  • The hose reaches all the way to the front-passenger area through the vehicle interior, making it possible to clean virtually the entire Odyssey.
  • The HondaVAC comes with a replaceable filter and a replaceable bag, but it also works without the bag.
  • Emptying the canister is simple: Located behind the lower lid, the canister easily slides out to make replacing the bag a snap.
  • The 12-volt, 432-watt HondaVAC system offers mighty powerful suction—so there’s no excuse for not keeping that beautiful Odyssey nice and clean.

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