Interior Features

Driver Attention Monitor (EX and above)

What’s the Benefit?

This feature helps drivers recognize when their attention to the road is becoming diminished, enhancing their awareness.

The Feature:

The CR-V was the first Honda to come with a Driver Attention Monitor.

  • This feature uses an angle sensor to measure the degree of steering-wheel corrections by the driver to maintain a proper lane position.
  • If it senses too much correction activity, it will notify the driver to take a break.
  • If normal attention levels are detected, the monitor will display three or four bars in the driver-selectable Driver Attention Monitor screen in the Driver Information Interface.
  • If the system detects an inadequate level of attention, the system will override any of the other selected screens, and display either one or two bars and a message advising the driver to take a break.
  • If the detected level of attention worsens, the system will display a heightened visual warning as well as an audio alert, and will vibrate the steering wheel to further warn the driver to take action.
  • The Driver Attention Monitor is always on in the background; the warnings can be customized via the Settings menu available from the Display Audio home screen:
    • Touch SETTINGS, then VEHICLE.
    • Choose either TACTILE AND AUDIBLE ALERT; TACTILE ALERT; or OFF to disable those alerts entirely.

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