Interior Features

Center Storage Console

What’s the Benefit?

The CR-V’s center console provides owners with extraordinary versatility for keeping important items close at hand.

The Feature:

The CR-V’s console has been designed for exceptional versatility, usability and comfort.

  • In addition to a 12-volt power outlet and a tray for smaller items up front, it offers a clever dual beverage holder that can accommodate a wide variety of containers.
  • The padded armrest can slide to the most comfortable position and flip up for easy access to the storage space.
  • Atop the storage compartment sits a sliding tray that can hold a good-sized smartphone.
  • Moving the tray back reveals a well-proportioned bin as well as another 12-volt outlet and 1.0-amp USB port; EX and above trims also feature a 1.5-amp USB Smartphone/Audio Interface2 (labeled with a smartphone icon) to accommodate Apple CarPlay™16 and Android Auto™17 integration.
  • To store a sizable handbag in the compartment, the tray can be removed and placed at the back of the bin.
  • And note that EX and above trims provide a pair of 2.5-amp USB ports on the back of the console, affording rear-seat passengers the opportunity of charging their portable devices.

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