Interior Features

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low-Speed Follow (EX and above)

What’s the Benefit?

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)12 simplifies driving and helps reduce driver fatigue by automatically controlling the interval to the vehicle detected ahead. And the low-speed follow feature helps make it easier to drive in stop-and-go traffic on the highway.

The Feature:

As with a conventional cruise-control system, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) allows the driver to set a desired speed—but ACC goes a step further, allowing the driver to set a desired speed and the following interval behind a vehicle detected on the highway ahead.

  • While driving, engagement of Adaptive Cruise Control prompts the driver to select a short, medium or long interval behind the vehicle detected ahead.
  • ACC then modulates the throttle and applies moderate braking, if necessary, to hold the selected following interval.
  • The low-speed follow feature adds even greater functionality.
  • When the preceding detected vehicle slows to a stop, ACC can stop the CR-V automatically.
  • To resume operation, the driver just needs to push the cruise-control toggle switch toward RES/+ or press the accelerator, and the CR-V will resume moving up to the ACC system’s prior set speed.

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