Front Airbags (All)

What’s the Benefit?

Front airbags (SRS) are designed to enhance occupant protection in a frontal collision.

The Feature:

Front airbags are designed to supplement the seat belts, as the term “supplemental restraint system” (SRS) implies.

  • These airbags are designed to work only in a moderate-to-severe frontal collision. 
  • In order for the airbags to provide maximum protection, the seat belts must also be worn. 
    • Seat belts can also help protect the occupants in a variety of collisions in which front airbags may not be effective, such as in rollovers.
  • The driver’s airbag is located in the center of the steering wheel.
  • The front passenger’s airbag is located in the right-hand side of the dashboard, in front of the passenger. 
    • The general location of the passenger’s airbag is marked with the initials SRS—so dashboard covers or other objects must not be placed on the panel.
  • When activated, the inflated airbags help absorb the driver’s and front passenger’s forward momentum. 
  • From the moment the sensors detect a sufficient frontal impact, the airbags can fully deploy faster than the blink of an eye. 
  • Immediately after inflation, vents in the airbags allow them to rapidly deflate.
  • The airbags are designed to be used only one time and then replaced.