Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) (All)

What’s the Benefit?

This behind-the-scenes feature is designed to aid the driver in maintaining control, for greater confidence on the road.

The Feature:

ABS works by maintaining the wheels near their point of maximum traction during hard braking, which allows the driver to brake and steer at the same time without the brakes locking and the tires skidding. 

  • Honda’s ABS uses sensors at each wheel that send wheel-rotation speed data to an electronic control unit (ECU). 
  • When the ECU detects wheel lockup during braking, it reduces brake-line pressure to any locking wheel until the wheel starts turning again. 
  • The system can cycle up to 100 times a second, maintaining optimum traction for the surface conditions.
  • This can cause a pulsing of the brake pedal that can surprise the driver, but means the system is operating normally.