Earth Dreams® Technology SOHC i-VTEC® V-6 with Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) (Select models)

What’s the Benefit?

This is yet another means to achieve excellent fuel efficiency.36

The Feature:

To help improve fuel efficiency, Honda’s i-VTEC V-6 engines use the latest version of Honda’s innovative Variable Cylinder Management (VCM). 

  • When high power is required, for example during startup, acceleration or when climbing hills, the engine operates on all six cylinders. 
  • During periods of moderate-speed cruising and at low engine loads, the system operates just one bank of three cylinders, thereby maximizing fuel efficiency. 
  • To smooth the transition between activating or deactivating cylinders, the system adjusts ignition timing and Drive-by-Wire throttle position, and turns the torque converter lockup on and off. 
  • The transition between three- and six-cylinder operation is usually unnoticeable to the driver.