Engine/Chassis Features

3-Mode Drive System

What’s the Benefit?

This system gives drivers an ECON mode to optimize fuel efficiency36, a Sport mode for sharpened response and heightened enjoyment, and an EV mode for electric-only propulsion.

The Feature:

Drivers can press either ECON, SPORT or EV by the shift controls, depending upon the job at hand; a display in the instrument panel indicates the mode engaged.

  • The three-mode drive system has an effect on several functions:
    • Press the ECON button, and both the climate control and the Drive-By-Wire throttle system take a more relaxed route to enhance fuel efficiency.
    • In Sport mode, the Drive-by-Wire throttle response is powerful and direct.
    • In EV mode, the Insight can travel short distances powered only by the battery and electric drive motor.