Engine/Chassis Features

MacPherson Strut Front and Multi-Link Rear Suspension

What’s the Benefit?

Its suspension makes the CR-V great fun to drive, enhances comfort for all passengers and even makes for excellent cargo capacity and versatility.

The Feature:

The CR-V suspension handles turns and bumps with ease.

  • There is very little body roll or tire noise around sharp turns.
  • In front, a MacPherson strut suspension is tuned for excellent ride comfort and driving feel.
  • In the rear, a multi-link suspension helps the CR-V achieve a comfortable ride, with excellent handling and stability.
  • Its compact, space-saving design, with low damper and spring-mounted placement points, contributes to the vehicle’s ample cargo space.
  • In addition, it allows the wheels to move slightly rearward when traveling over bumps, minimizing road shock and improving overall ride comfort.