Interior Features

Multi-Functional Center Console

What’s the Benefit?

A variety of clever design items help enhance comfort and convenience for front-seat occupants.

The Feature:

Conveniently positioned between the front seats is a family-friendly multi-functional center console.

  • This feature provides generous space for personal items, including two large cups, a tissue box and whatever else may need stowing.
  • A space for cellular phone storage and charging can be found at the front of the console, and there’s another phone tray within the storage compartment under the sliding cover.
  • The compartment includes a 12-volt power outlet and an MP3/auxiliary input jack.
  • Pilot EX and above models feature two ports – one a 2.5-amp USB Smartphone/Audio Interface2 in the front stack and the other a 2.5-amp USB port that features high-speed charging in the center console.
  • Pilot EX-L and above trims have two additional 2.5-amp USB ports at the very rear of the center console for access by second-row passengers.
    • These ports are for high-speed charging only; they will not transmit data to or from any vehicle system.