Engine/Chassis Features

Truck-Tough 4-Wheel Independent Suspension

What’s the Benefit?

Combined with its remarkably rigid unit-body construction, Ridgeline’s 4-wheel independent suspension helps provide a level of ride comfort, confidence-inspiring stability and fun-to-drive handling precision unknown to the rest of the truck world.

The Feature:

The Ridgeline’s steering, suspension and brakes have all been built to handle the greater stresses that trucks encounter when towing, hauling loads and operating off-road.

  • Heavy-duty springs and shock absorbers provide a stable, secure ride without harshness, whether fully loaded or empty.
  • Reinforced frame members, heavy-duty axles and bearings and oversized suspension arms all ensure exceptional strength and durability.
  • Unlike trucks with live-axle suspensions, each of the Ridgeline’s wheels operates independently of the others and also has lower unsprung weight.
  • Plus, the compact dimensions of Ridgeline’s unique rear suspension enable it to feature the In-Bed Trunk® as well as an exceptionally wide, flat-bed floor.