Engine/Chassis Features

3.5-Liter, i-VTEC® V-6 Engine

What’s the Benefit?

Ridgeline’s powerplant makes a large contribution to the vehicle’s fuel efficiency while helping to provide highly satisfying acceleration and pulling power.

The Feature:

Ridgeline is powered by a direct-injection V-6—a 3.5-liter, aluminum-alloy, single-overhead camshaft, 24-valve i-VTEC engine featuring Honda’s advanced Variable Cylinder Management™ (VCM®) system.

  • Horsepower is rated at 280 @ 6000 rpm (SAE net), and torque is an impressive 262 lb-ft @ 4700 rpm (SAE net).
  • Numerous friction-reduction techniques, chassis and aerodynamic features, and a highly efficient 6-speed automatic transmission help the Ridgeline receive the highest EPA fuel-economy ratings36 in the class.
  • Direct injection enhances both efficiency and power output by delivering the fuel mixture right where it’s used—and by cooling the piston crown so a higher compression ratio can be employed.
  • The engine’s 60-degree V-angle helps minimize vibration, while its aluminum-alloy cylinder block and heads save weight, which improves both acceleration and fuel efficiency.
  • By using a single overhead camshaft in each cylinder head and a serpentine accessory drive belt, the engine is made more compact, leaving more room for other components.
  • Additional packaging efficiency is realized by incorporating the exhaust manifold into the cylinder-head casting, and the use of close-coupled exhaust catalysts just downstream from each exhaust manifold.