Interior Features

Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Control System (EX and above)

What’s the Benefit?

In addition to adding considerable comfort, the Pilot’s climate-control system even helps improve fuel efficiency.

The Feature:

The Pilot’s high-powered air-conditioning system provides excellent cool-down and heat-up times.

  • Pilot EX and above models include a tri-zone automatic climate control system with three independent zones for driver, front passenger and rear passengers.
  • The rear-seat controls feature a large LCD digital display, so passengers can select the exact temperature they wish.
  • They can also select mode and fan speed. 
  • Also included on the climate control system is a feature that automatically monitors cabin humidity and adjusts accordingly—it can even prevent the windshield from fogging.
  • The system includes a partial recirculation air intake, which provides fresh air while maintaining the selected temperature.
  • This reduces the amount of time the A/C compressor and condenser fan operate.