Interior Features

Instrument Panel

What’s the Benefit?

Pilot drivers are kept apprised of important information with quick-reading clarity, enhancing driving confidence.

The Feature:

A decidedly high-tech feel emerges from the Pilot’s instrument panel upon startup.

  • A large digital speedometer occupies the upper center for quick, easy reading.
  • The left side displays an analog tachometer to monitor engine speeds.
  • On the right, gauges keep track of engine temperature and fuel level.
  • Honda’s Eco Assist™ ambient meter appears on the outer arcs of each side, shifting from white to green as more fuel-efficient driving techniques are used.
  • A big, full-color Multi-Information Display (MID) in the middle grants access to a variety of features and their operation.
  • Using the steering wheel-mounted controls, drivers can check the status of various systems and customize a range of settings.