HD Radio™ (All)

What’s the Benefit?

Available HD Radio provides a broader range of programming and exceptional clarity for an even more enjoyable audio experience.

The Feature:

HD Radio19 enables the vehicle to receive digital broadcasts from stations on the AM and FM bands, with significantly enhanced audio quality. 

  • When tuned to an HD Radio Station, the audio display will show an indicator.
  • HD Radio Stations have the ability to broadcast multiple signals, called subchannels. 
  • To display a list of subchannels when tuned to an HD Radio Station, press the MENU button, select HD Radio Subchannel, then select the desired entry on the list displayed.
  • Note that when you exceed the range of an HD Radio Station’s signal while listening to a subchannel, the audio will stop with no indication on the display; a different station or source must then be selected.