Comfort & Convenience

Power Door Locks with Remote Entry (All)

What’s the Benefit?

The remote entry system allows the driver to unlock the doors with the press of a button on the key, for greater convenience. 

The Feature:

The system has a range of up to 50 feet and includes an emergency “panic” button that sounds the horn when pressed. 

  • To lock all the doors, simply push the LOCK button once. 
  • To unlock the driver’s door only, push the UNLOCK button once. 
  • To unlock all the doors, push the UNLOCK button a second time. 
  • The key or remote buttons can lower all of the power windows and open the moonroof on select models, venting the interior. 
    • To activate the feature, the driver pushes the UNLOCK button a second time and continues holding it down for more than a second. 
    • The windows can be lowered for up to 30 seconds after one of the other unlock functions has been used.
  • On select models, the key cylinder on the driver’s door unlocks the driver’s door or all doors, and will also lower the windows and open the moonroof. 
    • Turning the key clockwise once unlocks the driver’s door. 
    • Turning it a second time unlocks all the doors. 
    • Holding the key in the unlock position for more than one second lowers all the windows and opens the moonroof.
  • On select models, the key may also be used to lock all the doors, raise the windows and close the moonroof. 
    • To do this, the driver inserts the key and turns it counterclockwise to the lock position a second time and holds it there.