Exterior Features

Modern, Aerodynamic Design and Styling

What’s the Benefit?
The exterior style of the HR-V provides long-term pride of ownership, while its smooth shape enhances efficiency.

The Feature:
The HR-V presents a sleek, sophisticated look—and slices through the air with minimal drag. 

  • The grille and front fascia combine to give the HR-V a bold and purposeful look.
  • Along with enhancing the sporting look of the front end, vents at the edges of the fascia direct an air curtain along the sides of the vehicle to reduce buffeting and wind noise.
  • LED headlights and LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) provide a decidedly high-tech look on all trims.
  • The upper body has smooth lines and offers another step forward in supremely efficient aerodynamics.
  • The rear roofline spoiler on every trim minimizes turbulence.
  • The lower body displays a confident stance.
  • And in back, the eye-catching taillight treatment combines with striking design elements to create a strong, bold appearance.