Engine/Chassis Features

3-Mode Drive System

What’s the Benefit?

Drivers can adapt various characteristics of the car’s performance to the situation at hand with this unique-to-Si system—and even mix and match settings to create a customized driving experience.

The Feature:

Using the drive-mode toggle switch located by the shift lever, the Civic Si driver can select from among Normal, Sport or Individual modes. The selected setting appears in the digital instrument cluster and momentarily on the 9-inch color touch-screen.

  • In Normal mode, the engine’s throttle response is balanced for engaging performance and smoothness; the electric power steering (EPS) is more assistive; and the gauges have a white background color.
  • In Sport mode, throttle response becomes more immediate for a sportier feel; the Active Sound Control system enhances the exhaust note for a high-performance ambience; and EPS firms up to deliver greater steering feel.
  • Individual mode allows the driver to select a personalized combination of the Normal- or Sport-mode settings for throttle response and steering assist; customization is easily accomplished by pressing up and holding the toggle switch until the settings screen appears on the 9-inch color touch-screen.