Exterior Features

Remote Engine Start (Sport and above)

What’s the Benefit?
The remote engine-start feature raises the comfort and convenience of select Pilot trims to a luxurious plateau.

The Feature:
Imagine being able to start your Pilot before you get in, so it’ll already be cooled off inside on a hot day—or warmed up and defrosted on a cold one. That’s the idea behind the standard remote engine-start feature. 

  • It works when you’re within about 100 feet of the vehicle.
  • Just press the lock button, then push and hold the start button on the remote—the starter will fire up the engine, some exterior lights will flash and the automatic climate control system will begin conditioning the interior to a temperature of 72º F.
  • On days when it’s below 40º F outside, it will even engage the heated seats and steering wheel, if equipped, to prepare for your entry.

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