Engine/Chassis Features

10-Speed Automatic Transmission with Paddle Shifters

What’s the Benefit?
The 2023 Pilot introduces the 2nd-generation Honda 10-speed automatic. It delivers exceptionally strong and smooth acceleration and immediate response. Plus, its paddle shifters offer the driver an even more engaging experience.

The Feature:
All Pilot trims feature a 10-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters.

  • This remarkably compact unit enables strong acceleration while still allowing impressive EPA fuel-economy ratings.
  • Ten speeds help keep the engine operating in its most efficient rpm range.
  • Response is enhanced by a shift-management program that allows multiple-gear downshifts when powerful acceleration is needed.
  • Paddle shifters let drivers take over the shifting decisions as desired, and are particularly useful in hilly terrain, for better engine response uphill and utilizing engine braking downhill.
  • The shift-by-wire system allows drivers to operate the transmission with push-button ease while freeing the console area of a shift lever for more open space between the front seats.

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