Interior Features

Cross Traffic Monitor (Honda Sensing® feature) (Sport and EX-L)

What’s the Benefit?
The cross traffic monitor helps elevate driver awareness when backing out of a parking space.

The Feature:
The cross traffic monitor system, available on the Sport and EX-L trims, activates when the power is ON, the system is turned on, the transmission is in reverse and you’re moving at 3 mph or slower.

  • When a vehicle is detected approaching from a rear corner at between 6 and 16 mph, the system will alert you with an audible warning and an arrow icon in the rearview camera display.
  • Note the system won’t detect or provide alerts about a vehicle when it’s moving directly behind yours.
  • The system may alert for pedestrians, bicycles or stationary objects.
  • The system can be turned on and off by simply touching the cross traffic monitor icon on the lower edge of the rearview display.

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