Engine / Chassis Features

3-Mode Drive System

What’s the Benefit?
This system gives drivers a Normal mode for relaxed street driving, an ECON mode to optimize their fuel efficiency and a Snow mode for enhanced performance when the going gets slippery.

The Feature:
Normal mode is the default setting, and drivers can use the toggle switch by the shift controls to engage ECON or Snow mode, depending upon the job at hand; a display in the instrument panel indicates the mode engaged. 

  • The 3-mode drive system has an effect on several functions:
    • In Normal mode, all systems are calibrated to provide a pleasing balance of comfort, performance and efficiency.
    • When ECON mode is engaged, both the climate control system and the Drive-By-Wire throttle system take a more relaxed route to enhance fuel efficiency.
    • In Snow mode, the drive-by-wire throttle response is made smoother to help minimize wheel spin and enhance control.