Exterior Features

High-Performance Aerodynamics

What’s the Benefit?

The Civic Type R looks like it’s going fast even when standing still, an effect promoted by the many details—large and small—that make it aerodynamically efficient and exceptionally stable at speed.

The Features:

Several exterior features of the Civic Type R make it slip through the air with less resistance, while also increasing downforce for greater grip in corners.

  • A lip spoiler beneath the front of the car generates negative pressure and resulting downforce, helping to maintain highly accurate handling and stability at high velocities.
  • The hood—constructed of aluminum for significant weight savings—features a vent that helps draw heat from the engine compartment.
  • The rear wing takes advantage of the same aerodynamic principle used by aircraft wings, but turns it upside down to create downforce at high speeds for improved grip and stability.
  • The rear diffuser surrounding the triple-outlet exhaust is also designed to create negative pressure and pull the Civic Type R tighter to the pavement.