Interior Features

Blind Spot Information (BSI) System (Honda Sensing® feature) (EX and Touring)

What’s the Benefit?

Available on the EX and standard on Touring trims, BSI helps give the driver additional information about conditions on both sides of the vehicle to enhance driving confidence.

The Feature:

Select Civic trims come with an innovative and useful blind spot information system (BSI)14.

  • The system works when your vehicle is moving forward at about 20 mph or above.
  • A pair of sensors, one on each rear corner of the vehicle, can detect a vehicle in an adjacent lane.
  • An indicator located in each side mirror then illuminates to alert the driver.
  • If BSI detects an object to the side of the Civic when the turn signal is on in that direction, the indicator flashes and an alert sounds to catch the driver’s attention.
  • The alert zones on each side initially extend from about 1.6 to 10 feet from the sides of the vehicle and about 10 feet past the rear bumper.
  • As the vehicle is driven more on straight roads with traffic and roadside objects, the system will adapt and extend the alert zone up to 82 feet back.
  • The faster vehicles are traveling in the extended zones, the farther away they will be detected.