Exterior Features

Smart Entry and Push Button Start

What’s the Benefit?

The Smart Entry system makes it exceptionally easy and convenient to unlock, drive and relock the CR-V Hybrid.

The Feature:

All CR-V Hybrid trims use a Smart Entry system with push button start.

  • The Smart Entry system allows the driver to:
    • Walk up to the vehicle, touch the door handle and open the door
    • Start the engine and shut it off at the end of the trip
    • Get out and touch the LOCK sensor on the door handle to secure the car—all without ever touching a key 
  • Likewise, the driver can open the tailgate with just a touch of the release button located above the license plate—it only requires that the driver possess the key fob.
  • And the Walk Away Auto Lock® feature, when enabled, can even eliminate the step of touching the LOCK sensor on the door handle.
  • To enable Walk Away Auto Lock from the Display Audio home screen, touch Settings, next Vehicle and then Door/Window Setup; select Walk Away Auto Lock, and then choose ON.