Interior Features

Low-Speed Braking Control (Touring)

What’s the Benefit?

This system makes for greater confidence when driving or backing up at low speeds.

The Feature:

When driving forward or backing up at low speeds, the Low-Speed Braking Control System68 is designed to detect objects in front of or behind the vehicle, and apply the brakes to prevent a collision or mitigate its effects.

  • The system functions when the vehicle is moving at speeds between 2 and 4 mph.
  • If an obstacle is detected by the sonar sensors and there’s the possibility of a collision, the system will issue visual and audible alerts as well as apply braking.
  • The system will keep the brakes applied for a short period of time and then release them.
  • The system can be turned off using the Safety Support Switch; it will default to on after the vehicle is turned off and restarted.