Interior Features

ECON, Sport and HV Modes

What’s the Benefit?

The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid’s available drive modes can enhance efficiency as well as help provide greater driving satisfaction.

The Features:

The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid gives drivers the ability to change the vehicle’s drive modes to suit driving conditions—or just to make it more fun.

  • Pushing the ECON button maximizes battery-only driving—unless the accelerator is floored, which will engage the gasoline engine for added responsiveness.
  • Selecting the Sport mode puts both the engine and electric motor to work at the same time, perfect for when the driver desires spirited driving.
  • The HV button is designed for use during long drives at highway speeds, and gives the driver two choices:
    • With a short push of the HV button, the system will operate in the most fuel-efficient manner possible.
    • With a long push, the system uses the gasoline engine to power both the vehicle and the generator to recharge the battery.