Interior Features


What’s the Benefit?

HondaLink®22 vastly extends the range from which the driver can exercise control and gather information about the vehicle, for exceptional convenience.

The Feature:

Clarity Fuel Cell has a unique HondaLink®22 smartphone-app suite of functions.

  • In addition to many functions featured on conventional models like Accord, Clarity features an at-a-glance range-remaining indicator, plus a hydrogen-station finder with current station status; it can also use the phone’s embedded mapping to guide drivers to the nearest station.
  • The app can send special pop-up warnings for conditions such as the power was left on, the doors weren’t locked, a tire is low, etc.
  • There are also parking-reminder and car-finder features.
  • The remote-start feature to precondition the cabin temperature is incorporated into the Clarity’s HondaLink®22 smartphone app for increased comfort and ease of use.
  • You can even schedule a time to precondition the cabin for every day of the week.
  • These features and services become available after downloading the appropriate HondaLink®22 app from the App Store or Google Play, registering online and then pairing the user’s smartphone to their vehicle.
  • Access HondaLink®22 features in-car through the Display Audio or from anywhere else using the HondaLink®22 smartphone app (cell signal required).
  • Complete details of the HondaLink®22 app’s features, benefits and use are available on

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