Exterior Features

Smart Entry with Walk Away Auto Lock®

What’s the Benefit?
Smart Entry makes it especially easy and convenient to unlock and relock the Clarity Fuel Cell.

The Feature:
Smart Entry and push button start are standard on this vehicle.

  • The Smart Entry system allows the driver to unlock the vehicle by just touching the door handle, start the car and shut it off at the end of the trip by pressing the POWER button, and then get out and touch the LOCK button on the door handle to secure the car—all without ever touching a key.
  • And Clarity Fuel Cell drivers can even skip that last step by enabling the Walk Away Auto Lock® feature via the customizable settings.
  • Plus, drivers can open the trunk with just a touch of the release button located just above the license plate—it only requires that they have the key fob with them.

The Walk Away Auto Lock feature is enabled via the Settings menu.

  • From the Display Audio home screen, select Settings, Vehicle, Door/Window Setup, Walk Away Auto Lock® and then On.