Exterior Features

Modern, Aerodynamic Design and Styling

What’s the Benefit?

The CR-V Hybrid exterior style provides long-term pride of ownership, while its smooth shape enhances efficiency.

The Feature:

The CR-V Hybrid presents a look that’s both rugged and sophisticated—and slices through the air with minimal drag.

  • The grille and lower front fascia combine to give the vehicle a bold and purposeful look.
  • An auto-shutter grille system closes to enhance aerodynamics; it opens automatically when underhood systems need more cooling air.
  • LED headlights and Daytime Running Lights (DRL) provide a decidedly high-tech look on all trims.
  • LED fog lights grace all trims.
  • The upper body has smooth lines and offers another step forward in supremely efficient aerodynamics.
  • The lower body displays a rugged confidence that says it can take whatever you throw at it.