Exterior Features

Power Tailgate (EX-L and above)

What’s the Benefit?

The power-tailgate feature provides convenient operation for a diverse group of Passport buyers.

The Feature:

Passport EX-L and above models include a power tailgate.

  • It can be operated remotely with the Smart Entry key from up to 50 feet or by pushing a button from the driver’s seat or on the tailgate.
  • An electric motor in the cargo area will raise and lower the tailgate.
  • This feature is especially convenient when the owner is carrying items back to the vehicle (groceries, for example) and may not have a hand free to open the tailgate and would prefer not placing items on the pavement.
  • Power closing, however, might be the biggest selling point; small-statured owners will not have to worry about reaching for the handle.
  • The driver can also close the tailgate using the button on the driver’s door panel or a button on the tailgate itself.

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