Interior Features

Instrument Panel

What’s the Benefit?

The HR-V instrument panel provides drivers with a great deal of information at a glance

The Feature:

The HR-V’s gauges are ideally designed and positioned for the driver.

  • The instrument panel includes Eco Assist™ green ambient lighting on the outside of the analog speedometer to indicate efficient driving techniques.
    •  As delivered from the factory, white lighting indicates inefficient techniques.
    • The HR-V driver can select a different color to represent inefficient driving: While the vehicle is stopped with the ignition off and the ambient meter on, push the SELECT/RESET knob on the instrument panel repeatedly to cycle from white to blue, purple, pink, red, amber or yellow.
  • A multi-information display (MID) is positioned to the right of the speedometer.
  • On LX and Sport trims, the LCD information display provides the instant fuel economy, clock, outside temperature, odometer, trip meters (A and B), cruising range, average fuel economy (A and B), engine oil life and fuel gauge.
    • The SELECT/RESET knob located above the display controls what information appears on the LCD display.
  • On HR-V EX and above models, a more robust MID enables a variety of features to be customized via the Vehicle Settings menu; it's operated by the steering wheel-mounted controls on the lower-right side of the wheel.
  • A tachometer appears to the left of the speedometer, featuring a gear-position indicator on CVT models.