Interior Features

2nd-Row Magic Seat®

What’s the Benefit?

The Fit’s secret weapon—its 60/40 split 2nd-row Magic Seat—gives owners a highly engaging companion for a spontaneous, active lifestyle.

The Feature:

In addition to accommodating up to three passengers in comfort, Fit’s Magic Seat® can be configured to adapt instantly to a wide variety of circumstances and needs.

  • UTILITY MODE: The Utility Mode will probably be the most used of the Fit’s many seating configurations.
    • This mode allows for maximum cargo capacity26—a cavernous 52.7 cubic feet behind the front seats, to be exact.
    • The seats can easily be folded with levers accessible from the rear of the car or the rear doors.
    • And thanks to the low liftover height of the hatch opening and the low floor height, large and heavy items can be easily loaded; four tie-down anchors make it easy to secure cargo as well.
  • TALL MODE: The Tall Mode is another useful cargo-carrying configuration for tall items that need to remain upright, such as a large plant.
    • This would also be useful for bringing an uncrated dog along, since the side-door entry is even lower than the rear entry of the vehicle, making it easy for most dogs of any age to get in or out.
    • With almost 4 feet of space from floor to ceiling, the space can even accommodate two mountain bikes with their front wheels removed.
    • This is a better alternative than laying one bike on top of another in the back, which risks damage from protruding pedals and handlebars.
  • LONG MODE: The Long Mode is perfect for those who need to carry long items like lumber, a stepladder, or even recreational items such as surfboards or musical instruments.
    • Simply fold down the rear seat on the passenger’s side and tilt the front-passenger seat all the way back, and you will have up to 7 feet, 9 inches of room.
    • The Fit’s Long Mode accommodates bulkier items without the need to purchase a roof rack.
  • REFRESH MODE: The Fit becomes a comfortable den in Refresh Mode—to be used only when parked.
    • Just remove the front-seat head restraints, move the seats fully forward and lower the seatbacks all the way. 
    • Important Note: Be sure to return the seats to their upright position and reinstall the head restraints before driving.

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